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What is the Coerver Kid?

What is a Coerver Kid?

The Coerver Kid program groups technically advanced players with a similar drive and passion, to provide a culture of development where the focus can be on every player, pushing them technically further than they would otherwise be able to go. We allow players the freedom to explore with no retribution – an environment that is not often found in youth club development. Failure is embraced and players are challenged to make mistakes, as failure is the first step to success. “The comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” The goal is for these players to become the most educated Coerver players in the country. This abundance of knowledge and enhanced ability will allow them to play more effectively with their clubs and to stand out and reach their goals – at the university level and beyond.

 The Coerver Kid Mission

At Coerver Coaching, we believe that to achieve excellence requires prodigious individual effort, inspirational teaching, a progressive curriculum, and a clear set of behaviors to follow. The Coerver Code reflects "Being the Best That You Can Be: On and Off the Field."

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The Coerver Code is built on "The Coerver 5 'S' Player Essentials”:

Skills:     Confidence, Creativity
Speed:    Competition, Focus

Sense:    Study, Decision Making, Responsibility
Stamina: Discipline, Wellbeing, Work Ethic, Strength, Character
Spirit:      Communication, Respect, Sportsmanship, Commitment and Change

It is this "Whole Person Development" that is the mission of Coerver Coaching and what makes up the Coerver Kid.  

Coerver Kid Information

The Coerver Kid experience is an exclusive, unique opportunity for elite-level players. Only a few players have what Coerver Kids exemplify … the excellence on and off the field that Coerver Coaching represents! We expect that all players will become like coaches themselves, and lead others by positive example. Our objective to grow players hinges on the Coerver Kid’s work ethic and commitment to self-improvement.

The Coerver Kid program is a total of 9 intensive sessions spread over a period of 7 months.  Though we realize your players are busy with their club schedules, we believe the elite training of the Coerver Kid Program offers your player the opportunity for individual growth like none other.  This year we are asking players to make Coerver Kid a priority and commit to making at least 6 sessions throughout the season. (We do have RAINDATES scheduled in our season.  We will do everything possible to make our scheduled sessions, including indoor training.  Should Covid present a problem with indoor training, however, we will use a RAINDATES as needed.)

Training dates will be on Sundays free of major events.  (Please understand that this will never be perfect and some weekends there will be conflicts, but we will do our best to make sure our players can attend these extremely high-level sessions. All cancelled sessions will be made up.)

Coerver Kids will participate in the annual Coaches Clinic to be held May 21 - 22, 2022, at 760 Old Barnwell Road.  Your Group Manager will keep you updated with the schedule. 

Coerver Kids will have the opportunity to participate in one Winter Coerver Cup and one Summer Coerver Cup for free with their Coerver Coach coaching the team! These 5v5 tournaments will be held in Columbia at the 760 Old Barnwell Road location. 

Coerver Kids will also be invited to demonstrate their skills at events around the region. Again, your Group Manager will keep you updated.

Coerver Kids who were invited to the Pro Player Experience will also be invited to attend the Coerver Kid Residential Program July 17 – 21. (The program fee is dependent on the specific coach selected.)

Coerver Kid Pro Player Experience

Coerver is pleased to offer the highest level of focus on individual development by providing an exclusive European Professional Training Experience. The 2022 experience this year will be with professional organizations in England! This opportunity will be offered to the top three Coerver Kids in each group (based on skill scores). Players will embark on a 10-day European experience, where they will train with a professional club.  This is not a tour, but a once-in-a-lifetime educational experience, where players will have the unique opportunity to be integrated into that club’s academy, with training specifically designed with Coerver Coaching. Travel package prices will be announced, so look for more information to come from the Coerver Kid manager. (Note that the training experience is not mandatory. If you are selected and do not accept the spot, it may be offered to another player.)

Player Education Sessions

This year Cover Kid is pleased to announce that we will be offering Education Sessions for both the players and the parents!  The Player Education Sessions will take place VIA ZOOM MEETINGS January 7, January 14, February 4 and March 19 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.  During these sessions, Coach Chris Castell will help our Coerver Kids further understand a full-circuit training for the advanced player!  Players are expected to attend these sessions as we believe them to be a vital part of our program.

Parent Education Sessions

The Parent Education Sessions will be offered IN PERSON at our 760 Old Barnwell Road location at the beginning of our Coerver Kid sessions (4:00 – 4:45 p.m.) on the following dates: December 19, January 16, March 20, and May 22.  Our talented Coaches will share with you a wealth of information on how to help your player be successful both on and off the field!  Parents are expected to attend these sessions as we believe them to be a vital part of our program.

The opportunity to be a Coerver Kid is unique, and available for a limited quantity of players for one reason: Only a few players exemplify the excellence on and off the field that Coerver Coaching represents.

2022/2023  Training Dates TBD

  • How to Become a Coerver Kid

The Coerver Kid tryout is based on the Coerver Ball Mastery program. Without prior knowledge of these ball mastery skills, it will be difficult for players to become a Coerver Kid, but not impossible.  

The tryout process for new comers is completely unbiased and based on our Performance Academy Training sheets. To ensure fairness for all, we will test on Level 1 Ball Mastery. Every player should have already encountered all of these skills, which will aid in equally evaluating all players across the state.   

Each player will be recorded by a Coerver trained assistant, to ensure all scores are honest and true. Tryout duration will be determined by the number of players and the number of Coerver trained assistants; tryouts may take a few hours.   

All scores will be compiled and the results will be emailed to all families - with the top players’ scores highlighted. 

2022 Group Tryout Information3

Group tryouts will be held in Columbia in on Sunday, November  6th, 13th, 20th and 27th  5:30-7:30  at the West Columbia Soccer Complex

If you cannot make the group tryouts, you can get your results during an individual 1-on-1 Evaluation/Tryout with a Coerver Coach in your area. This is offered at an additional fee, and these tryouts will need to be completed before the final group tryout date occurs. The registration deadline for Private Local Tryouts is October 31st to allow ample time for all final personal evaluations to be scheduled and completed before November 17th.
All players MUST register ONLINE to be included in the tryouts

See Registration Information Below


Age Grouping Information: 

We are looking to accept 8 – 15 players for each age and gender group listed below.  

The maximum number of players accepted will depend on the player pool and the ability of players for each age and gender group.    

For the COMPETITIVE Coerver Kid Program, the Top 3 players in each age and gender group will be invited to our international experience. The competition within this program will be through skills competition throughout the season. Results are determined by the skills data recorded in a database and are not determined by coaches.    

The NON-COMPETITIVE Junior Coerver Kids program is for development and experience only. It will be excluded from the competition.   

Coerver Kids Age Groups for 2021/2022 season: 

Boys Competitive: 
04, 05
06, 07
08, 09 

Girls Competitive:
04, 05
06, 07
08, 09

Junior Coerver Kids Non-Competitive:
2012 and 2013 boys and girls 


Coerver Carolinas

Irmo, South Carolina 29063

Phone: 803-553-0224
Email: [email protected]

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