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Summer 5v5 Series 2024

June 8th  Lancaster
June 15th  Aiken
June 22nd  TBD
June 29th Chapin
July 13th Augusta
July 20th Finals TBD

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Game Format/Rules    Coerver Adidas Logo Black


Event Details:

 - Each team will play a minimum of 4 games on the Saturday only

 - Total quantity of games are determined by the amount of teams in the age group

 - One Coerver referee per game

 - Central clock system. Referee can add on extra time for lengthy stoppage in play, no more than 3 minutes and must be communicated with both coaches

 - All decisions and results are final



 - When the Goal Differential is 6 or more Coaches will be encouraged to challenge their team to connect passes, use their non-dominant foot, do a move before passing or any other challenge they see fit.  This tournament is about developing skills and if your team’s skills are clearly above that of your competition you are encouraged to challenge your team, not to see how many goals you can score against a clearly weaker team.

 - There is a zero tolerance for any negativity/bad sportsmanship towards referee’s/coaches and especially players. The event is about enjoying the game and having fun, persons may be asked to leave if they do not abide by the same principles.


Field Layout/Players/Length of game:

 - 5v5, 4 field players, 1 GK, min. 4 to start,        

_ If the event is broken into 2 sessions a player can be play on different teams as long as they are in different sessions. 

 - Teams may roster and dress up to 8 players, co-ed teams are allowed, no jewelry 

 - Goals are 4 x 16 Bownet

  - Shin guards to be worn at all times on the field

  - Games are 24 minutes, total with 2 minutes halftime

 - Unlimited substitutions can be made at any time. The referee will not stop play for substitutions, change on the fly.

 - Substitutes must enter and exit on the half-way line, players must be off or within 1 yard of the sideline before the new player enters. 



Starting Play/Scoring/Goal area:

 - If one team is not on the field at the sound of the starting horn/whistle for the start or after half the other team may take the ball down and score, even if it wasn’t their kickoff

 - No throw-ins: indirect kick-ins instead, goal kicks and corner kicks per FIFA rules

 - No offsides

 - All free-kicks are direct

 - Fouls outside 2pt shooting line are direct, fouls inside are indirect, 8yds for a wall

- PK’s are taken at the edge of the arc, with the shooter getting one step back before taking the PK.

- In the event of playoffs, if after golden goal the game is still tied, PK’s will start at midfield, shooter may dribble ball toward goal, 5 seconds to shoot, keeper may come off their line once shooter touches the ball, all other players remain at half until KEEPER touches the ball or it bounces off a post.

 - 2-point shooting line! Goals behind this line count as 2 points (referee’s decision on whether they saw foot behind/on the line/over the line when ball was struck) NO 2pt OWN GOALS!

 - GK’s cannot come out of the goal area, in doing so they concede a penalty kick.

 - Outfield players CANNOT go into the GK goal area at any time! Attackers will give away a goal kick to the other team for entering the goalie box.

 - Defenders will concede a penalty kick for entering the goalie box.

- No punts or bounce off the ground kicks. Service from hands and kicks off the ground are fine.  If a Goalkeeper punts the ball at any time a Free kick at 2 point line nearest the offending team’s goal is awarded.

Field is 48 yards by 36 yards.

 Tie Breakers:

Non-playoff games may end in a tie

Tie in points for determining 1st, 2nd, etc. 
1.  Head to Head 
2.  Goal Differential (no more than 6 goals +/- awarded) 
3.  Goals against 
4.  PK shoot out 
Tie in semi-final or championship game 
1.  5 min sudden death/golden goal 
2.  PK 3 at a time 
3.  PK 3 at a time 2nd half of the team 
4.  PK sudden death/golden goal



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