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What is the Coerver Kid?

What is a Coerver Kid?

The Coerver Kid concept is a unique opportunity for elite level players. Only 60 players across the Carolinas will qualify to become Coerver Kids. The program is designed to guide these elite players on and off the field to reach their goals with exclusive high-level training, summer game opportunities for players to test their new skills, university coaches specifically employed to recruit from our program, and the opportunity to meet and train with some of the best players in the region!  

In addition, this year’s program may include an international opportunity for the top 3 players of each age group and gender to train inside some of the best professional youth academies in the world such as Benfica in Portugal, Southampton in England, and Celtic in Scotland!

Coerver Kids will represent Coerver Carolinas across the Southeast, and more!


The Coerver Kid Mission

At Coerver Coaching, we believe that to achieve excellence requires prodigious individual effort, inspirational teaching, a progressive curriculum, and a clear set of behaviors to follow. The Coerver Code reflects "Being the Best That You Can Be: On and Off the Field."

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The Coerver Code is built on "The Coerver 5 'S' Player Essentials”:

Skills:     Confidence, Creativity
Speed:    Competition, Focus

Sense:    Study, Decision Making, Responsibility
Stamina: Discipline, Wellbeing, Work Ethic, Strength, Character
Spirit:      Communication, Respect, Sportsmanship, Commitment and Change

It is this "Whole Person Development" that is the mission of Coerver Coaching and what makes up the Coerver Kid.  

Coerver Kid Information

The Coerver Kid is the pinnacle of our Centers Of Excellence; an exclusive opportunity for elite level players to train together and represent Coerver Carolinas across the Southeast! Coerver Kid is a good resume builder for players looking to play at the university level, with professional youth academies, and national teams. We offer the highest level training for the 60 players selected.

The Coerver Kid Program Provides:

  • Nine focused, high-intensity training sessions. These 3-hour sessions are on Sunday evenings approximately every three weeks at the central Columbia location (scheduled around busy tournament weekends and ODP).
  • Recognition as being among the top 10 players in the state - for potential university, professional youth academy and national pool play.
  • 10% off COE programming during Spring and Fall seasons, with automatic entry into COE Elite programs.
  • Players can represent Coerver Carolinas at tournaments across the United States, including participation in FL, MD and VA Coerver Cups.
  • Players may be invited on coaching education demonstration teams in their region and beyond.
  • Players may be the stars in educational videos for players and coaches to use, plus trailers and advertisements for Coerver Carolinas, Coerver USA, and even worldwide!
  • Players will receive an exclusive uniform kit, only available to Coerver Kids. 
  • Coerver Kids may form teams within their age groups and get the opportunity to display their new skills in 5v5 Tournaments. Entry fees for Coerver Kid Teams are waived. 


Training dates will be on Sundays free of major events.  (Please understand that this will never be perfect and some weekends there will be conflicts, but we will do our best to make sure our players can attend these extremely high-level sessions. All cancelled sessions will be made up.)

All coaching clinics and promotional recording opportunities will be on an invitation basis. We will host our own Youth Diploma Coaching course, as well as several recording sessions, so those players involved in this Coerver Kid season may have opportunities to get on film for other players and coaches to see for years to come!

The opportunity to be a Coerver Kid is unique, and available for a limited quantity of players for one reason: Only a few players exemplify the excellence on and off the field that Coerver Coaching represents.

Proposed 2020/2021 Training Dates:

Training will be for 3 hours at least one Sunday per month during the season from 4:00 – 7:00 PM.

  • December 20

  • January 10

  • January 17

  • February 7

  • February 21 (hold as a rain make up date)

  • March 21

  • April 4

  • April 25 (hold as a rain make up date)

  • May 16

  • June 6

  • June 27

  • July 25 (hold as a rain make up date)

How to Become a Coerver Kid

The Coerver Kid tryout is based on the Coerver Ball Mastery program. Without prior knowledge of these ball mastery skills, it will be difficult for players to become a Coerver Kid, but not impossible.  

The tryout process for new comers is completely unbiased and based on our Performance Academy Training sheets. To ensure fairness for all, we will test on Level 1 Ball Mastery. Every player should have already encountered all of these skills, which will aid in equally evaluating all players across the state.   

Each player will be recorded by a Coerver trained assistant, to ensure all scores are honest and true. Tryout duration will be determined by the number of players and the number of Coerver trained assistants; tryouts may take a few hours.   

All scores will be compiled and the results will be emailed to all families - with the top players’ scores highlighted. 

2020 Group Tryout Information

Group tryouts will be held throughout South Carolina on Sunday, November 15th.
Please register by 12 noon on the Saturday before the tryouts.  

The "Early Bird" registration period continues until one week before the tryout date. During the "Early Bird" registration, the TRYOUT FEE is $25.

Late Registration will begin at midnight on the Sunday before the tryout date for your area. During Late registration, the TRYOUT FEE will be $30.

If you cannot make the group tryouts, you can get your results during an individual 1-on-1 Evaluation/Tryout with a Coerver Coach in your area. This is offered at an additional fee, and these tryouts will need to be completed before the final group tryout date occurs. The registration deadline for Private Local Tryouts is October 31st to allow ample time for all final personal evaluations to be scheduled and completed before November 17th.
All players MUST register ONLINE to be included in the tryouts

See Registration Information Below


Age Grouping Information: 

We are looking to accept 8 – 15 players for each age and gender group listed below.  

The maximum number of players accepted will depend on the player pool and the ability of players for each age and gender group.    

For the COMPETITIVE Coerver Kid Program, the Top 3 players in each age and gender group will be invited to our international experience. The competition within this program will be through skills competition throughout the season. Results are determined by the skills data recorded in a database and are not determined by coaches.    

The NON-COMPETITIVE Junior Coerver Kids program is for development and experience only. It will be excluded from the competition.   

Coerver Kids Age Groups for 2019/2020 season: 

Boys Competitive: 
03, 04, 05
06, 07
08, 09         

Girls Competitive:
03, 04, 05
06, 07
08, 09 

Junior Coerver Kids Non-Competitive:
2010 boys and girls 

Registration Listing

No Programs are Currently Displayed

There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.


Coerver Carolinas

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